Behind "Bike Bald".


Bike Bald Group was founded by a five time cancer survivor who was taught to fight even on the toughest days, while never forgetting those that helped along the way.

As a five time cancer survivor there's a clear understanding of the emotional struggles for the patient and the entire family &the importance of community.                      

So "why the name?" 

  • Bike = She has a strong passion for cycling, has had the passion since her childhood. (her husband would say she as as many bikes as most women do with shoes)

  • Bald = She has been there and done that...multiple times.

  • Group = People coming together for a purpose. She was a survivor as a child, young adult and adult...The best way to raise awareness is with the community.

  • Bike Bald Group = A Great Grass-Roots Non-Profit Organization

Positive attitude is everything, creativity is a release to get you through the day, exercise the body and mind & enjoy life with those around you.  The Bike Bald Group is excited to open the new Oswego location as it will serve as a community center for the town.  The Naperville location will offer a multiple of create and soul fun events for the community as we have for 10 years.

Join us!