Bike Bald Group promotes and enhances art, music and educational projects throughout the community while supporting children with cancer and rare life illnesses.  The best way to raise awareness is by community supporting those in need within the community.  Every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer worldwide.  In the U.S. an average of 43 children are diagnosed with cancer every day.   Bike Bald works with nearly 50 hospitals/clinics across the U.S. giving the emotional and resource support to families.  In 2017, nearly 29,000 toys/gifts were distributed, 58,000 greeting cards made, 175 wishes were granted (all educational, art and music focus/related).  

Many of the community members that come to Bike Bald are artists whether skilled or creating a project for the first time, ranging from age 6-96.  Support and sponsorship is how the program is partially funded, our own fundraising efforts support the remainder.  For 10 years Bike Bald Group has supported nearly 40,000 children nationwide and almost 11,000 local to the Chicagoland area.  

Through your charitable donations of art supplies and equipment the community benefits with a community center that is provided to them at bare minimal cost to participate.  All of the families/children we support locally receive services for free via our scholarship program.   While helping to build a strong non-profit & community facility for positive growth and change, we are constantly developing ways to better serve those in need.

Bike Bald Group raises much needed funding through charitable donations from both private/corporate businesses and friends, gifts-in-kind and a variety of other forms of product donations.  Bike Bald Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and operates solely by volunteers.  Therefore all of the support from the community goes directly to supported families and the community.  Volunteers to assist with day to day operations, teaching classes and community fundraising efforts. 

We focus on educational, art, music, outdoor sustainability events and yoga therapy.  The children that Bike Bald's supports go thru so much.  The illness impacts everyone in their family, their day to day coping.  With the high number of Dr. appointments & treatments several days are missed of schooling, miss the interaction with friends & building social skills.  This is why we offer tutoring, the art & music programs offer an outlet of therapy and finding expression & creativity.  Our yoga & yoga therapy classes help the entire family relax and focus. 

Check the calendar for classes or contact us for private group events.


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