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The Bike Bald Group really looks forward to making the children with cancer or those with rare life illnesses dreams come true.  The primary focus to our "Pedal Dream" program are to grants dreams and involve Education, Art & Music.  With the support and the involvement of the community Bike Bald Group honors up to 175 Pedal Dreams yearly.  A child's dream can be so simplistic and within our communities partnering together "Dreams can become reality".

We have built playhouses, coronated princesses, indoor skydived, made police & firefighters for the day, mayor visits their school, fashion show models, attend concerts & sporting events, walk on movie sets, grand marshall in a parade, weekend getaways, musical instruments & lessons, dance lessons, ride horses, bicycles & helmets, meet the princesses, Ipads, graphic art pads and more.

Emotional support is a vital part to children and their families during this battle. Support is given during treatments, birthdays, school achievements, various milestones, etc. 

With your help, we are able to be the support the children and family by making "Pedal Dreams come True" to those who are fighting everyday just to be able to be “a kid”.  

To support or sponsor the Pedal Dream program please email or