Play doh Collection 4 kids

Each year we collect items to support children with cancer & life threatening illnesses.  Play doh is an ongoing year round collection we do.

Why Play doh?  Play doh encourages creativity, dexterity, stress relieving etc.

Chemotherapy can create fatigue and sore muscles, the Play doh acts as a good form of therapy for their hands to promote mobility of the muscles.  As the children receive treatment it can be very overwhelming, scary, isolated from their friends at times, so it can also act as a stress reliever also.  Creativity is one of the greatest gifts that a child has within them, the play doh encourages the children to express their imagination & creativity.

In 2016 we collected nearly 12,000 cans of Play doh that was donated to children individually, Children’s Hospitals, Proton Centers, Ronald McDonald homes across the USA.
Beyond, Bike Bald’s collecting efforts our Jr. Board of Children with Cancer & Life Threatening Illnesses have collectively collected over 36,000 cans of Play Doh.

You can have a direct impact on a child while being treated & literally know your donation will be in the hands of these children.

Ideas/Ways to collect:  Create a donation box/ bucket for your school, day care, youth sports teams, church groups, local organizations, have a collection area for those participating in 5k’s, birthday parties, in your office and more.

This is a great alternative to have kids donate Play doh cans for holiday parties at school.  We will help to create a motivating campaign/collection for your organization.

Or you can purchase & have cans directly delivered to our Bike Bald location via Amazon HERE.

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