Pedal Mail Express

The Pedal Express is “Bike Bald’s” answer to todays’ “Pony Express”. We mail handmade greeting cards, new toys, arts & craft supplies, and gift cards to children of all ages who are battling childhood cancer and/or other life threatening illnesses.

Emotional support is a vital part to children and their families during this battle. Support is given during treatments, birthdays, school achievements, various milestones, etc. Greeting cards are all designed, hand-cut, pasted, and written by Bike Bald volunteers. We rely on donations from communities to provide the toys and gifts.

This is not a one-time mail delivery program; our support is ongoing and your monetary donations sustain our largest expense – postage.

With your help, we are able to be the support for over 1,400 children who are fighting everyday just to be able to be “a kid”.

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