Originally, Neptune was an early responding vehicle at the Twin Towers in New York on September 11th, 2001. The firetruck was donated to Bike Bald as the organizations’ community educational & awareness vehicle and is beloved by both children and adults.

Neptune’s involvement within the community is overwhelming, as it actively attends City events, Park District events, School events, residential community events, hospital escorts for children, parades, cycling and marathon events, weddings, photo shoots, homecoming/proms, and much more.

Bike Bald maintains all the upkeep and maintenance for the fire truck, which is primarily provided by volunteers and local companies. Monetary donations contribute to repairs, fuel, new tires and other replacement parts as needed, as well as the educational material distributed at events.

Often Neptune is invited to neighborhood, community & school events. Neptune has even carried newlyweds to their reception.

Other events in which Neptune has been involved:
• Summer Camps
• Grand Openings
• Car Shows
• Charitable head shaving events “Neptune has his own barber chair”
• Block parties
• Touch a trucks – community safety events

A minimal donation to have Neptune at your next event email info@bikebald.com

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Bike Bald home of “Neptune” Supporting Children with Cancer Awareness

“How can you help”?

We are thrilled to be asked by many “how & what” can I do to help?
Throughout the year Neptune will be scheduled to appear at various events throughout the Naperville Community and those communities surrounding Naperville.

Neptune’s first week unveiled & already scheduled to make 25 appearances at special events, so far. This is great! As we continue to show our support to Children with Cancer Awareness, you can be a part of this “Driving” force to support a great cause .

You can volunteer in many different ways…
Drive the fire truck in our parade
*Driver of the firetruck must have at minimum a class B CDL license and a background check
Walk/safety volunteers for events

**We will hold monthly drawings for those Drivers that participated with events for that month… concert,movie or other event tickets,gift cards,restaurant vouchers etc
To volunteer contact bike.bald@yahoo.com