Bike Bald Group Mission

Provide cycling rides & events for the general public supporting community, healthy living & sustainability while supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness. We work hard to provide the emotional support to the children and their family that has had to face life changes due to cancer or other life changing illnesses. We do so in a “grassroots” way, by going back to the support basics of the family & community. We know that heartache when a parent(s) are told that their child has been diagnosed with serious life-threatening diseases the whole family is affected. Through grassroots direction we want to meet the needs of parent(s), child, sibling, by providing the emotionally, spiritually, financially and social needs. Bike Bald is a registered 501c3 organization.

Bike Bald Board Members

Ghadeer Snounou

Ghadeer Snounou
Station 62 Education Director

Natalie Vitale
Community Outreach Director

Nicole Cavanaugh

Debbie Mossburg
Executive Director

Bike Bald Jr. Board Members

Teddy Muir

Sam Mossburg
Vice President

Willow Watson
Secretary/ Education Advisor

Emma Becker
Pedal Mail Advisor

Toby Bigelow
Pedal Mail Advisor

Anthony Durham
Jr. Fire Chief

  • Bike Bald as an organization are on a mission to bring a smile to children & families battling cancer.  They have more than once brought a smile and have been a big support to my son Toby .  God Bless Bike Bald!   A great organization.

    Toby (battling Leukemia)
    Tabatha B (OH) Mom
  • I love supporting charity.  Bike Bald is special that they are a 100% volunteer group & I can literally pack a toy as a volunteer and see where the money donated is going…Support the great charity and know it is going to the children & families vs. salaries.

    Chenelle T. (IL)
  • Bike Bald and what they do for the community & children is incredible.  My 5 yr old son loves to help others, it is difficult to find places for him to volunteer, Bike Bald was the perfect location for us to spend time together and put smiles on other children’s faces.

    Amanda S. (IL)
  • Bike Bald made my sons wish come true, complete strangers to our family, brought love, happiness & support to both my son & my family.  Friends Forever!

    Mom- Jacqueline (IL)
  • When times were very tough and the health of my daughter was declining, Bike Bald was there as a support to me as a parent.  They were there just to talk & sort out the days ahead when I really needed the support.

    Mom…. Marianne S. (ND)